Enemies to Flourishing

Here’s some more of the incredible nuggets that I took away from the London Colour Conference:

During one of the afternoon sessions, Pastor Bobbie and several other pastors shared with us stories about the various ways that their churches are making a difference both locally and globally. When sharing about the movement of sisters that is rising up across the globe, here were some BRILLIANT truths about how our own personal flourishing has an impact (or not) on how we respond to our sisters’ needs:

I think we all know that both local and global issues are important and worthy of our attention, prayers, and action. However, unless we know how to flourish personally, and in our own communities, it’s unlikely that we will step out onto the front lines globally.  So what keeps us from flourishing? What keeps us from being our sisters’ keepers both here and there?

There are 3 enemies that stifle our flourishing:
1. Not being comfortable in our own identity
2. Not being comfortable in our status
3. Not being comfortable in our own planting, or the season of our planting.

Come on!  Now these are things that I think are seriously worthy of our prayers, time and energy.  If we become comfortable with our identity, our status and our planting and season of life, WATCH OUT WORLD!  For real!  I think these are some of the most challenging things for us to be not only comfortable with, but confident in.  I mean, who hasn’t struggled with each of these three issues?!

When I think and pray about these three areas of my life, it begs me to ask myself these 2 questions: 1) Do I trust God? and 2) Do I believe God has what’s best for me in His heart and mind always?  See, God is so amazing that not only can the Creator of the universe have all the world’s problems in sight and be working to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth in spite of them, but our Maker also is constantly thinking about each of us and desires for us to be all that we are meant to be.  And actually, the more we are confident in our own skin and flourishing right where God has us, the more the Kingdom of Heaven advances across this earth!

The reality is girls, we treat others the same way we treat ourselves.  If you aren’t patient with yourself, you won’t be patient with others.  If you constantly wish you were somebody else, you’re constantly going to be unsatisfied with who others are.  If you are envious of your single or married girlfriends, you will be held back from what God has for you today.  If we are not personally flourishing, we honestly aren’t much help to those around us.

Girls, this week, as you go about your lives, I pray that you have time to be honest with yourselves and actually determine how comfortable you are with who you are and where you are at in life. God already knows the truth, so ask and pray for revelation if you’re not too sure.  The more we love ourselves just the way we are, the more confidently we shine God’s colors into this world both near and far.


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