Unconditionally Loving You

Good Morning Girls!
I hope and pray you had a fabulous weekend!  I don’t know about you, but I definitely got my frosting fix on this weekend at all the grad parties! 🙂  I just love celebrating graduations–the perseverance, time and dedication it takes to finish a degree is definitely worth taking the time to stop and acknowledge!

After the responses received from last week’s convo about body image and value, I want to stay here for a moment as it is obviously a pertinent topic for many of us.  Let’s look at it from another angle this week.  How would you answer this question: No matter what happens in your life are you always able to love yourself no more and no less?  So, if you fail a test, how’s your love level for yourself?  How about if you get an A+?  How about when you sleep through your alarm when you have a meeting to get to early in the morning?  Forget someone’s birthday?  Get compliments for the meeting you just led?  Get told by your man that you’re hot?  Don’t get told by your mom that you’re hot?  Can’t fit into the shorts you were able to wear last summer?  Have to try on 20 swimsuits just to find one that looks good enough?  Get into an argument? Get a promotion at work?  Have someone leave your team or group?  When any of these things, or something else happens, do you ever notice that you feel better or worse about yourself?

I want to call attention to this because when our views of ourselves fluctuate based on what’s happening in our lives, then we are not loving ourselves the way that God loves us.  It means that how we view ourselves is tied to our circumstances, our failures or successes.  God’s love for us on the other hand absolutely DOES NOT CHANGE no matter what is going on in our lives.  Here’s why I think it’s crucial that we deal with this as Christ-followers.  I John 4 says that we love because God loved us first.  Our love for ourselves (and others) is directly related to how we understand God’s love for us.  If we can’t get it settled within us that God’s love for us is completely unconditional, then we will forever wrestle with not only loving ourselves unconditionally, but also loving others unconditionally.  I don’t know how you want to live your life as a Christ-follower, but more than anything else I want to live like Jesus lived and He loved ALL unconditionally.  Until we can love ourselves that way, we cannot love others that way.  Until we accept that God loves us that way, we cannot love ourselves that way.  See why this is so important?

Girls, wrestling with this is vital to our lives as Jesus’ followers.  God cares more about us being Christlike than ANYTHING we “accomplish” in this life.  And that is the bottom line.  As leaders, we can only take people as far as we are willing to go ourselves.  We can only take others to where we’ve already been ourselves.  When you look around you, where do you think God wants to bring the people in your life?  Are you willing to go there first?

My prayer for each of us this week is that we can set aside time to sit with God, bring to our Creator and Maker everything that we have a difficult time loving about ourselves, and those things that we think make us something special (which without we would feel like we were nothing) and ask God to help us love ourselves the way our Saviour does.



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