Not an Option!

“This is not an option!” When was the last time you said that phrase?  It’s one of those phrases that flies out of our mouths when we have finally had enough and just can’t stand it.


I am all about being content in all circumstances, and remaining joyful and being at peace, BUT it seems we might need a reminder that while we are to be all these things, we are also God’s voice in our generation.  When Jesus walked the earth, part of His mission was to right all wrongs:  contrary to the unjust ways of this world, Jesus ushered in the Kingdom of Heaven.  As followers of Jesus, and leaders in Jesus’ Church, the Kingdom of Heaven should be our only option as well.  So, as far as injustice is concerned, it should not be an option for us either.

If you’ve ever read one of Lisa Bevere‘s books or heard her speak (like I got to this past weekend), you cannot help but walk into the world and want to change it for the better!  Lisa has this way of empowering every person she meets to live out their calling and passion in this life for the benefit of the world.  As I sat and listened to Lisa this past weekend, it was as if God gave me a fresh reminder of the Church’s role in this world.  It truly is to continue to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven.  And true Biblical salvation is not only about people’s eternal resting place, but it is about every person God has ever created experiencing life to the fullest today (John 10:10), in this life, not just the life to come.  As leaders, we have this juxtaposition that we always need to remain in:  being content and yet discontent.

Remember when Paul said he’d learned to be content in all circumstances? What was he doing during the times he’d learned that?  He was planting churches all over Asia and the Middle East because he had been instilled with the passion and vision that people experiencing Jesus’ salvation was worth being ship-wrecked, beaten, imprisoned, hungry, etc.  On the one hand he had learned to be content in all circumstances, but it was his DISCONTENTMENT with people not knowing Jesus that drove him to the ends of the earth to change things.  Paul looked at the state of people’s heart and faith in his day and his response was, “This is not an option!” “It is not okay that people don’t know Jesus’ grace, salvation, life!”


What injustices do you come fact to face with in your community?  What isn’t the way that God intended it to be?  Is it the treatment of the homeless, the fatherless children, the isolated and depressed stay at home moms, the forgotten elderly, the racism, the lack of health care options, the abuse of women and children?  When you stop, step back and analyze the community in which God has placed you, what still isn’t right?  What looks more like hell than heaven?  What is God wanting you to cry out, “This is not an option!” about?  In more cities than not, the Church has been tranquilized in to a deep sleep that no longer remembers Her purpose.  Are you sleeping?  Or are you fully awake and aware and alert to what God has purposed you to do in this generation to right the wrongs, to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth?


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