Can we or Will we?

The sonar ping on my Droid went off as I was driving down the road.  It’s my favorite sound because it means someone from out of the country just sent me a message on Whatsapp (a free international texting app)!  When I was able to look down at my phone, I saw that my good friend in Wales had texted me.  I should have known then that God was about to say something.  The last time this pastor friend had spontaneously texted me, it was at just the moment I needed the encouragement that he had to share with me.

This time, when the sonar ping went off, I was driving home from meeting with my mentor and she had asked a question that I had already been asked by someone else earlier in the week regarding whether or not I had considered doing such and such.  Do you ever have those times in life, when it feels like everyone is asking you the same question and you don’t know the answer to it, and you maybe don’t even want to answer it?  It’s like the adult version of being at that place where you’re almost graduating from high school and everyone wants to know what you’re going to do now and if you’re going to college, where are you going to go?  What are you going to major in?  Where will you live?  And really you just want to wear a button that says, “I don’t know yet!” so that people stop asking.

What my mentor asked me in the coffee shop that morning isn’t important, so much as how I felt when she asked me. It was this, “ugh, not you too” feeling.  Because what she asked me about was something BIG and I mean BIG! A huge undertaking.  And it’s something I’ve felt like I should do from time to time, but I KNOW the reality of what it means and my initial reaction is, “no, not me, let someone else do this, I know how much work it’ll be and I’m kind of qualified, well, yes, I am qualified, but, but, but…”  And that’s when the sonar ping went off as I was driving down the highway.

When I got home and was able to text my Welsh friend back, I tossed out the idea to him and of course he was supportive too! Why is everyone around me supportive of it but me?! When I voiced my reservations, his response stopped me in my tracks.  He said, “We all know the scripture I can do all things through Christ. But here is the thing, we know we can, but will we say I WILL do all things?” Now, sit there and think about that one for a while. 🙂

I mean, how do you respond to that?! It’s totally true.  We have the very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the DEAD living inside of us!  Why in the world do we even hesitate when we feel God nudging us to do something, even though it may seem utterly impossible, and quite frankly, slightly ridiculous because of its nature and size?!  It’s cliché, but all too true that when our future plans are possible in our own strength, we really are not seeking to do the things that God wants to be doing in this world in and through us.  Everything God wants to do with us, actually requires God to do it with us because without the Maker and Creator of this world working in and through us, it would be impossible to accomplish.

Here’s to responding with a “yes and amen” whenever God is calling us to step out and into bigger things than we could’ve ever hoped for or imagined!  Because in Christ, we will do all things!


One response to “Can we or Will we?

  1. I know exactly how that feels! I have had quite a few seasons of “I don’t knows,” and the pressure to answer with something, anything haha, can be so overwhelming at times!
    Something I’ve been learning recently, is that this time is also something to be treasured. It’s like God’s with you on a long car trip, without any destination in mind~ the horizon’s the limit! How exciting! There are so many possibilities, and with God you know it will be amazing. 😉

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