God Knows Timing

I can’t imagine what the atmosphere in heaven was like!  God knew Caesar Augustus was about to call for a census, the political, economic and social conditions were just right, and Mary and Joseph were the perfect couple for their first child so that all the prophecies could be fulfilled.

Can you feel the anticipation in the air?  Can you sense the expectation that things were GOING to change?  Can you feel the excitement that the time had finally come?!  Preparations were made:  cousin Elizabeth was finally pregnant in her old age with the child who would prepare the way (really the miracle before the miracle).   And then it was time, Jesus’ time.

Timing.  God knows timing.  When you really stop and think about it, Jesus’ birth and its timing is beyond amazing.  God not only had every little detail planned out long in advance of the Savior of the world’s coming, but then God waited until it was the exact right time to fulfill those promises and plans.  See, God has the whole picture in view.  Always.  Nothing escapes God’s view.

And then this is what gets me every time.  Jesus was born at JUST THE RIGHT TIME but then it wasn’t until He was 30 that His ‘mere’ 3-year ministry started!  For 30 years, the Savior of the world was waiting, being prepared and growing in favor with God and the people, until it was JUST THE RIGHT TIME to begin accomplishing what He had been created to do.  Remember when His mom came up to Him at the wedding reception, and was like, “Jesus, they ran out of wine, you’ve got to do something!” (By that time, she must have known there was something special about her first born in order to make that kind of request…I wonder how she knew…)  And Jesus’ response was, “Mom, it’s not my time.”  Remember Moses?  He was 40 when he ran away to the desert and 80 when God met him there in a bush to empower him to go and save the Israelites.

You and I were ideas in God’s mind long before we too were placed here on earth for such a time as this.  And I have a hunch that the same expectant atmosphere that was in heaven when Jesus was sent to earth, is the same expectant atmosphere that was present when you and I were sent here too.  It was JUST THE RIGHT TIME that on January 10, 1980, that I was born in a hospital in Houston, Texas, to my parents.  It was at JUST THE RIGHT TIME that you were born wherever you were born too.  And in JUST THE RIGHT TIME, God will complete the good work that has begun in each of us for the glory of the Creator of the world.

Striving and doing more when it’s not the right time truly leads to less fruit (or no fruit at all) as compared to doing things in God’s timing when the harvest is always far above and beyond what we could even dream.  We do not know God’s timing.  But we do know that we are here for a specific purpose at a specific time because the conditions were just right when we were sent here too.  It’s a promise and responsibility all in one. 🙂 After all, this is God’s time, not ours.

If you are anxious, worried, concerned, overwhelmed, feeling helpless, or anything else because it seems like JUST THE RIGHT TIME hasn’t arrived yet for you/your family/your job/your ministry/etc., do not lose hope.  Jesus had to wait too. 😉 And God’s timing is more perfect than we could ever hope or imagine.


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