Welcome to WIM Empowerment!

Welcome to WIM Empowerment!  This website is created for you in mind, woman in ministry!  Our personal walk with God is challenging enough, save doing ministry in the 21st century.  God is doing incredible things in Jesus’ Church and as more and more women answer the call to ministry, the Church is going to be even more powerful, joyful, dynamic and the kind of hope this world is crying out for.

Ladies, if you’re still a minority as ministers your ministry context, that does not diminish your worth, your call nor the power of the voice that God has given you to minister to this broken world.  God is equipping, empowering and calling forth more and more women around the globe to minister in the Church as it continues to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.  Until that comes to completion, may we as daughters of the King of kings and the Lord of lords encourage each other to boldly persevere on the path that God has laid before each of us in this generation and in our local communities to lead, equip and empower the Body of Christ as never before!

I hope you find the encouragement, community and resources that you are looking for!  May it help keep the wind in your sails ever filled.  If not, please let me know what else you would find helpful!  I’m praying for you, your church and your community!  Love you sister!